Boasting a top speed of 19 kph and Hustler's patented SmoothTrak™ steering, the Hustler® Z Diesel works hard and fast, making it a great addition to any commercial fleet.

  • Patented belt drive system — provides up to three times longer belt life.
  • Shibaura Diesel — 25 horsepower diesel engine is the smoothest, most efficient running diesel engine.
  • 60” or 72” side-discharge VX4® deck — 7-gauge thick deck, offering clean cut, excellent performance in all conditions.
  • Clean, compact, service-friendly design.
  • Rear Discharge Decks — Industry-exclusive counter-rotating blade for the best-finished appearance in its class.
  • Patented Automatic Park Brake System — A simple and convenient system that automatically sets the parking brake when you open the steering levers.
60" SD 25 Shibaura
60" RD 25 Shibaura
72" SD 25 Shibaura
72" RD 25 Shibaura
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Z Diesel

Manufacturer Shibaura
Hp (per Sae J 1995.) 60" SD Deck: 25HP 60" RD Deck: 25HP 72" SD Deck: 25HP 72" RD Deck: 25HP
Displacement 1131cc
Cooling Liquid Cooler, Direct Drive, Mechanical Cooling Fan
Air Cleaner Heavy-Duty Canister
Engine Warranty 3 Year
Type Dual Hydrostatic      
Pumps Tandem 21cc HydroGear
Wheel Motors Parker TG0335
Hydraulic Lines Stainless Steel Parker Seal Loc Technology
Hydraulic Cooling Oil Cooler w/ 8" Fan
Reservoir Capacity 1.3 gal. / 4.9L
Speed 12 mph / 19kph
Parking Brakes Patented Automatic
Cutting Width 60" 60" 72" 72"
Cutting Heights 1"–5.5"
Deck Lift Foot Operated
Depth 5.5"
Blades 3
Blade Length 3 - 20.5" x 3.0" x .203" 3 - 24.5" x 3.0" x .250"
Blade Tip Speed 18,260 fpm 18,200 fpm 18,890 fpm 18,240 fpm
Spindles Ductile Cast Iron w/ Steel Shafts and Sealed Ball Bearings
Deck Belts 1
Drive Electric PTO Clutch
Construction 11ga. + 11ga. + 7ga. Welded Steel
Spindle Mounts Reinforced 7 ga. spindle mount disc
Impact/trim Areas 11 ga. formed channel w/ rolled edge
Frame 1.5" x 3.0" x .187" Steel      
Front Caster Wheels Mounted tapered greasable bearings
Front Caster Forks Fabricated 1/2" Steel      
Seat Grammer Premium Suspension Set, Isolator Platform
Fuel Capacity 14.4 gal. / 54.5L
Cup Holder Yes      
Front Tire 13 x 6.5 - 6
Drive Tire 24 x 12 - 12
Weight 1695 lbs. / 768.8kgs 1755 lbs / 796.1kg 1760 lbs. / 798.3kgs 1805 lbs / 818.7kg
Height W/ Rops Up 69" / 1.75m   
Height W/ Rops Folded 51" / 1.3m
Length 86.8" / 2.2m 90.4" / 2.3m
Width 66" / 1.68m w/ Chute Up 78" / 1.98m w/ Chute Up
Tire Width 56"  / 1.42m 56"  / 1.42m
Acres Per Hour 5.57   6.68  
  • Flex Forks
    Flex Forks

    Shock-absorbing front-caster forks that improve operator comfort and provide a more even cut especially over uneven terrain and at higher speeds. Available for most models.

  • Steering Lever Extension Kit
    Steering Lever Extension Kit

    Allows your levers to be adjusted in several ways to make your mowing experience as comfortable as possible. Available for all models.

  • Mulch Kit
    Mulch Kit

    Recycles clippings under our ultra-tough deck, allowing clippings to be cut and recut, then discharged down into the grass. This reduces the handling of clippings, improves appearance and recycles nutrients back to the soil.

  • Stripe Kit
    Stripe Kit

    Helps provide a professional manicured finish to your lawn. Our innovative striping kit features a durable, heavy-duty system that's easy to install and is designed to leave a beautiful finish every time you mow. Available only for the 52" deck size.

  • 3-Bag Powered Grass Catcher
    3-Bag Powered Grass Catcher

    Easy-on, easy-off blower and hopper assemblies. The 3-Bag catcher holds 12 bushels.

  • Flasher Light Kit
    Flasher Light Kit

    ROPS mounted Flasher Light Kit for increased visibility and safety.

  • Hitch Kit
    Hitch Kit

    Bolt-on hitch with 7/8-inch hole. Will accept any standard ball.

  • Electric Deck Lift
    Electric Deck Lift

    Raise and lower the deck with the flip of a switch. This electric lift kit consists of simple bolt on hardware and switch installation.

  • Rear Anti-Scalp Wheel (Single)
    Single Anti-Scalp Wheel

    Additional kit for increased deck scalping protection. Two height settings. Can be used in conjunction with the dual anti-scalp kit.

  • Rear Anti-Scalp Wheel (Dual)
    Dual Anti-Scalp Wheels

    Additional kit for increased deck scalping protection. Fixed position. Can be used in conjunction with the single anti-scalp wheel kit.