About Hustler

First we changed everything.

Hustler Turf Equipment was born of a simple need — a mower that would manoeuvre the irregular landscape of the family home — complete with bird baths, gardens, and winding front walkways. The first Hustler was a compilation of mower parts and farm machinery, created by engineering genius John Regier. His mower cut grass and steered like no other. It could hug a flag pole or reverse directions at a fence line, with a turning radius of zero. With this, the world’s first zero-turn mower was born.

And it changed everything

Under parent company Excel Industries, Hustler has become one of the leading turf care brands in the world. Across the globe, the Hustler brand signifies innovation, quality and superior customer care. In addition to manufacturing the best-in-class mowers, Hustler is committed to providing a quality owner experience. Our mission is to provide the most dependable, useful, and time-saving products in turf care, while providing unmatched customer loyalty and the best warranty in the business. Hustler’s experienced dealers are always ready to answer questions and provide expert service to every customer. The growing Hustler family now includes more than 1,200 U.S. dealers and more than 40 distributors worldwide, including…

Stevens Group has been the New Zealand distributor for Hustler Mowers since 1991. A well-established, third generation family business — operating from a modern, purpose-built Auckland facility — Stevens Groups in-house R&D department and multi-generational engineering background allows then to tailor international products for peak performance in New Zealand’s conditions. Many ideas developed in Stevens' prototyping facility have been adopted by Hustler itself, including the tilting deck concept at the heart of the game changing Raptor Flip-Up, mid mount mower.

Spare parts and technical back-up for equipment sold is a high priority in Stevens Groups culture. The business has been built on this strength as many customers are commercial users, to whom time is money. For this reason Stevens Groups sells through a national network of outlets who are trained to provide service back-up and, in many instances, carry a wide range of spare-parts in store.

Stevens Group are the exclusive import and distributor of Walker Mowers in New Zealand.

Stevens Group purpose-built factory is situated on 2.7 acres near Auckland Airport.

Purpose-built mowing hill used for testing, training and demonstration.

Stevens parts and technical office has two full-time and two part-time technicians.